Handouts are available to provide more information and a brief overview of some of the technical work to date is provided below.

Planning Summary

  • The proposed development will help meet established local housing shortage, with a range of accommodation to meet different needs
  • The proposal includes a range of local facilities and services, including shops, schools and healthcare facilities, and land for new local employment opportunities
  • We will be submitting a 'hybrid' planning application, with full details of the Southern Access and parameters for the wider development
  • The application will be accompanied by a range of supporting technical documents, including an Environmental Statement.
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Landscape and Visual

  • We are keen to protect the identity of Barkby and Barkby Thorpe to ensure the proposed design retains most of the green wedge between Syston and Thurmaston
  • Hamilton Park and Wetlands will be extended
  • We will ensure approximately half of the development site remains green and there will be additional planting and other solutions to seek to protect existing views
  • The Visual Assessment will provide further detailed information to support this.
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  • Many mature trees and hedgerows within the site will be retained and further planting is proposed to encourage green corridors and protect key habitats
  • The Environmental Statement will outline environmental features and measures to manage and protect the environment.
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  • Delivering housing and employment next to the urban area is the most sustainable way of managing growth
  • All developments will increase vehicle movement and the most crucial aspect is how to effectively deal with traffic to ensure capacity is created
  • Large developments have the ability to mitigate transport. They are delivered over many years with continuous, significant investment into new and improved roads and green transport opportunities
  • The Transport Assessment will detail these improvements and investments.
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Thurmaston Urban Extension Masterplan


  • The development will include employment space, shops, services, facilities, health provision, schools provision, sports and leisure opportunities as well as parks, open space, allotments and community orchards
  • New roads, improvements to existing roads and junctions, investment into public transport, new cycleways and footpaths will link to existing networks
  • We welcome your thoughts on the facilities you would like to see in this development.

Flooding and Drainage

  • The latest flood mapping indicates that no flooding of the site would occur in a 1 in 1000 flood event. The site is not at risk of flooding from Barkby Brook in a 1 in 100 year extreme event
  • Sustainable drainage principles will be incorporated into the design to ensure runoff is controlled, ensuring the site does not increase the risk of flooding off-site, post development
  • This is likely to include sub-surface storage, swale parks, ponds and wetlands.
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